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The Book Thief: By Markus Zusak

— feeling love

When Death has a story to tell, you listen.

Liesel Meminger is a young girl in Nazi Germany during the year 1939. Germany is holding its breath during Hitler's reign, you must abide by the rules or you will get punished. Narrated by death this story has many twists and turns that take you on an amazing, danger filled, ride. 

Living on Himmel street was quite an irony, due to the fact that Himmel ment heaven; and her life was anything but heavenly. Her mother left her on the doorstep of Himmel Street 33, Molching, and later a jew, by the name of max, would appear on the very same doorstep; but let's not get ahead of myself. Liesel lived in the house with her foster parents by the name of Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Rosa was a strict woman who always kept her graying hair in a bun atop her head and Hans was a cigarette loving man who played the accordian. When Liesel had terrible night terrors about her younger brother dying on the train ride to Molching Hans would be right there beside her and soon they started to read the first book she had stolen. 

Throughout the book more and more danger accumulates as the family hides a jew in the basement of their house. Liesel and Max soon became friends through the pain that they had both endured. When Max leaves she is devastated and when she sees him in the line heading to the concentration camp the pain grows more. 

Go on a heart throbbing adventure with me as you read The Book Thief.